Monster getting desperate?


On several occasions over the last month, a large, tacky truck has parked in front of our SF office, and proceeded to blast loud music, to the point where our front offices were rendered unfit for working. On the latest occasion, a few of our techies asked the driver to turn down the music, which he was nice enough to do.

He actually turned out to be a sterling fellow, who clearly felt bad about what he’d been asked to do. He was good enough to allow us to photocopy his marching orders (that’s him holding the fax in photo), which are excerpted below:

“For San Francisco the concept is that we want to make sure this address is on the loop drivers take and if they can be close by during the morning commute, lunch time (noon thru 2) and 5pm-6pm, that would be ideal. For the rest of the time, please drive through high-pedestrian traffic city locations. If you can get a picture of the truck parked in front of the Craigslist address, that would be great.”

Is it possible that Monster is “green” with envy, now that our job boards alone receive more employment-related traffic than all of

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