Note of Thanks


We really appreciate the outpouring of encouragement we have received in the last few days from craigslist users, from Ebay users, and from the general public.

Especially touching have been the messages of support from Ebay employees, one of which I’ll share here:

As an engineer at ebay, all I could think when I saw the news was, “Surely, there’s another place to work.” Frankly, I doubt that CL is always right about everything, but for eBay to sue CL is off the charts stupid. eBay had no business grabbing that 25% in the first place. It’s a shame, because my co-workers are really nice, sweet people. But it’s as if I am working for ********* or something. I feel dirty. I’ll be updating my resume this weekend.

For anyone interested in recent press coverage, here is an MSNBC articlefrom earlier today.

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