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CL Cat Rescued

June 25, 2008

A Denver man who put an ad on craigslist hoping someone could lend a hand and get a cat down from the top of a 60-foot tree in front of his housegot the help he needed.

A professional tree trimmer with a bucket truck showed up Tuesday morning to rescue the high-climbing feline.

New Recruit

June 19, 2008

MySQL guru, open-source evangelist, prominent tech blogger, and long time Yahoo engineer Jeremy Zawodny has now announced that he will be glidinginto our little Shangri-La as of July 21st.

We’re excited to have him joining our team.

Worth mentioning that the CL tech hiring bit remains set to “1″ for starLAMPerl developers, systems heavyweights, and networking wizards.

Fight Spam, Digitize Books

June 10, 2008

We’re experimenting with CAPTCHA images from the reCAPTCHA project at Carnegie Mellon, here’s an excerpt from the reCAPTCHA wikipedia entry:

“reCAPTCHA supplies subscribing websites with images of words that optical character recognition (OCR) software has been unable to read. The subscribing websites (whose purposes are generally unrelated to the book digitization project) present these images for humans to decipher as CAPTCHA words, as part of their normal validation procedures. They then return the results to the reCAPTCHA service, thereby contributing to the digitization project. The result is that the university receives approximately 3,000 man hours per day of free labor to help in the preservation of books.”

Luis Von Ahn, who originally coined the term CAPTCHA back in 2000, is also the guy behind the reCAPTCHA project, not to mention the ESP Game, and several other “games with a purpose.”

Dirt Cheap

June 4, 2008

Please don’t waste dirt’s time by emailing dirt and asking for more money.

DIRT isn’t here to subsidize your craigslist lifestyle.

Dirt just wants to be gone.

‘Tis the Season

June 2, 2008

For garage & yard sales: