distracted guy hires face slapper, talks smack


In a throwback to the roaring 20s, Maneesh Sethi recruited a slapper off CL to give him a hand in staying on task, and saw his productivity quadrupule.

Said Sethi, “How could I leverage Craigslist to improve my efficiency. To me, the answer was obvious: I hired a girl on Craigslist to slap me in the face everytime I used Facebook.”

For a mere $8/hr, can you afford not join him in this arms race?

29 Responses to “distracted guy hires face slapper, talks smack”

  1. sean Says:

    Not an acceptable picture. Imagine if the roles were reversed, a man raising his hand to a woman. She is smiling, he is not. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  2. Chip Strong Says:

    He hired her to slap him. ACCEPTABLE!

  3. Mike S Says:

    Not sure what face slappers have to do with the roaring 20’s? Perhaps you meant “Flapper?”

  4. Iris Says:

    Well if it keeps him off facebook and focused on his career I can accept that. He is not smiling because he focused on working. LOL

  5. Jared Says:

    Hey Sean, he *asked* her to smack him.

    Come visit the CL kinkfo some time. It’ll open your eyes. ;D

  6. Christopher Says:

    Any women like to be slapped? Post up your contact lolz

  7. Marilyn Says:

    Yes Sean Just Imagine that, if that role was reversed!!

  8. Ruth Robertson Says:

    You miss the point entirely: This is something that both parties had agreed upon in advance and as a mutually-benificial arrangement. It is not some whim by a cretin male to dominate a woman against her will! Use your head before making comments and don’t be so thin-skinned.

  9. Chicken Musket Says:

    LOL I love it. This is hilarious.

  10. jonw Says:

    rofl. sean, you’re a riot, but feel free not to accept the picture.

  11. discelle Says:

    lived in abuse for a few years and this makes me think back to that time and it is not a pleasant memory.

  12. Fender75 Says:

    Not me. If it takes someone to slap you everytime you get on fb, play games, indulge in addictive behavior, or just accountability for things that can put a hindrance on your life and reduce the quality. More power to him and whatever works for him. i can salute someone for trying and i have no right to judge him.

  13. c.s. Says:

    I think I’m inclined to agree with the other person that made a comment!

    I AM FEMALE AND have raised THREE Daughter’s AND I WOULDN’T think that this would be EXCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR out of ANY of my daughter’s! However…..there are those who LIKE to hit AND those who ENJOY doing the hitting! Even in those case’s it’s still at the VERY LEAST a little bit ON THE ODD SIDE!

  14. Boise Idaho Says:

    Although, I do not have a problem wandering on the internet, I can easily get sidetracked on another project by a phone call, email, etc. This would be a great idea for me.

  15. buildidaho Says:

    This would be very helpful for me. While I do waiste some time on Facebook ond YoutTube. My real problem is getting sidetracked by phone calls and emails.

  16. Erika Says:

    The picture is of what he hired her to do. He is the one that hired her. He is the one willing to even pay someone to do it. Soooooo… I mean what do you want?

  17. Guy Manningham Says:

    Looks like someone told someone to make someone a sandwich.

  18. JohnSwift Says:

    i have $8 right now…anyone interested in smacking sean every time he says something dumb #notacceptable

  19. Damien Says:

    Humor..Oh this is funny! Sad that he had to take it this far, but funny. I’m sure anyone’s production will increase under those circumstances. If he wanted a real production increase, he would of hired his Mom.

  20. Introvert Says:

    I need to hire me one of those, or I’m thinking about just deleting my facebook account for good! Very funny post!

  21. Alexander Says:

    He asked for it. You have no right to judge others.

  22. Kleurplaten Says:

    hahaha awesome 🙂 i wanna be someones face slapper 😀

  23. Ed L. Says:

    Would it not make more sense to just not use facebook. You could save yourself 8 dollar an hour.

  24. CocoPufff Says:

    Well he hired her for a reason…ok boys and girls can we say sadomasochistic….at best

  25. Candace Garcia Says:


  26. Aliciamathu Says:

    I love it. This is hilarious.

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