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Fired Sale

January 23, 2009

CNBC reports that the office furnishings of former Merrill CEO John Thain arebeing liquidated on CL in a veritable “fired” sale, e.g. “Chandelier, still sparkles despite the current economic environment $37 K.”


Hell on Wheels

December 11, 2008

Am all for do-it-yourself, but this homemade motorcyle is pushing it:

Door to the Future

September 5, 2008

Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? This door could be the first step in making your dreams come true. Imagine walking through this 28 3/4″ x 78″ door as you begin your new life, as the person you’ve always wanted to be…

A Tad Difficult

August 30, 2008

A recent NYC CL nanny search ad generated a flurry of media coverage, including this New York Times writeup. The mother of 4 who authored the ad is reportedly thinking book deal.

I don’t want someone who has a lot of theories on the right way to raise kids, because in the end, I’m just a woman doing my best. I’m willing to learn from you, or anyone, but not so much about how i should parent my spawn. teach me to knit. introduce me to yoga, the white stripes, russian literature or the best place to get a burger in the village at 2Am, but do not tell me to put star stickers on a good boy chart. stickers irritate me.

Mow and Go

August 29, 2008

Custom unicycle lawnmower for sale, looks like a pretty sweet ride

Full posting is here

Couch for Sale

August 7, 2008

Dozen or so felines do not appear to be included:

Hmmm, wonder if there are any claw marks on this one?

Kissing Lessons? Hmmm

July 8, 2008

A 20 year old Georgia Tech student is looking for kissing lessons, claiming he’s never kissed before.

Here’s a copy of his craigslist ad.

Seems to me I’ve heard this one before, but I suppose we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Either way, hate the game not the player.

Dirt Cheap

June 4, 2008

Please don’t waste dirt’s time by emailing dirt and asking for more money.

DIRT isn’t here to subsidize your craigslist lifestyle.

Dirt just wants to be gone.

All Aboard the CATBUS

April 30, 2008

Purrrrfect for Burning Man!

Spring is here!

April 29, 2008

And this craigslist user is generously offering free poison oak starts: