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Why wait

May 28, 2008

Site-wide average page download speeds (in seconds) for selected sites:

0.6 craigslist
1.2 google
1.7 aol
1.9 wikipedia
2.0 facebook
2.2 yahoo
2.5 msn
3.6 myspace
5.0 amazon

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Clear Eyes

May 27, 2008

It’s troubling that the NY TImes can’t find a more worthy columnist than Nixon speech writer, intelligent design proponent, game show host, pro-life activist, and commercial pitchman Ben Stein.

In this Sunday’s column, after noting that the gargantuan oil supply we currently enjoy is largely being wasted, he concludes we should *increase* subsidies for oil producers, maximize offshore drilling domestically, and step up environmentally disastrous conversion of coal and tar sands to gasoline.

Hopefully we listen to our engineers and not our idiots.

A Plug for Negawatts

May 21, 2008

Amory Lovins interview in the current issue of Mother Jones is a great read if you’re interested in solving our energy and climate issues without sacrifice, while generally increasing everyone’s standard of living.

Clean, renewable energy sources do not need subsidies to thrive — all they need to be fully competitive is removal of the massive subsidies that currently entrench our increasingly untenable energy status quo.

That’s right, market economics and good old fashioned capitalism hold the solutions to the big issues we face, if only our “conservative” government would allow them to operate.

Amory Lovins is co-founder, chairman, and chief scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute

Could I have that to go please

May 21, 2008

According to this recent study the average American smartphone user spends more of her total web browsing time on craigslist than on any other site.

Rock on average American smartphone user!

Delaware Crossing

May 15, 2008

Our response [] in DE.

“Openness, Honesty, and Integrity”

May 14, 2008

Navigational searches on Yahoo for “” or “” have been bringing up eBay textads featuring hyperlinked craigslist URLs, designed to confuse and misdirect users seeking craigslist onto eBay sites. Here is a link to a screen shot of one such search taken this morning, and an image of the text ad itself:

We’ve tried to give eBay the benefit of doubt, but it’s hard to reconcile deceptive, trademark-infringing ads calculated to harm craigslist and its users with statements like this one from eBay yesterday:

“eBay has, and will continue to be, a minority shareholder who believes in Craigslist, shares its values and acts with openness, honesty and integrity in its dealings with Craigslist’s board and the online community.

In fact, these ads suggest that they do not share our values at all, and that they are being anything but open and honest with the online community

UPDATE – Looks like these ads have been withdrawn! Ceasing unlawful behavior out of fear of legal consequences falls short of “openness, honesty, and integrity”, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Unlawful and Unfair

May 13, 2008

We filed a complaint in California today, charging eBay with unlawful and unfair competition, misappropriation of proprietary information, deceptive passing-off, business interference, false advertising, phishing attacks, free-riding, trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and breaches of fiduciary duty.

We respectfully ask the Superior Court in San Francisco to enjoin this conduct and order eBay to (1) make full restitution to craigslist, (2) disgorge their related profits (3) restore to craigslist all shares of the company acquired by means of, or for the purpose of unfair competition, and (4) pay punitive damages for their malicious behavior.

Full text of complaint is available in PDF.

Lion Tossing – Battle at Kruger

May 13, 2008

31 million views and counting, this is stunning footage for those who’ve not yet seen it

Rigshock Riders and the Tour de Cure

May 5, 2008

Team Craigslist AKA “Rigshock Riders” fielded 25 cyclists for yesterday’s Tour de Cure ride in Napa Valley, raising over $50,000 toward finding a cure for diabetes.

It’s a cause near and dear to our hearts — 2 of our 25 staff are diabetic, and our longtime PR maven Susan MacTavish Best is the granddaughter of Charles Best, co-discover of insulin.

Here are a couple shots of the craigslist peloton from the rear — reportedly the only vantage available to the other teams participating:

Here’s part of the team relaxing (oops am told this pic is from last year’s ride, pre-jerseys, duh), and Sean Knox, one of our sys admins, who has organized our charitable rides for 2 years running:

Kudos, Congratulations and Thanks to all who participated!

Slobber Train

May 2, 2008

Get your weekend rolling with this skate boarding bulldog.