About Jim

Possibly the only CEO ever described by the business press as anti-establishment, a communist, and a socialistic anarchist, since 2000 Jim Buckmaster has led craigslist to be the most used classifieds in any medium, and one of world’s most popular websites, while maintaining its public service mission, non-corporate vibe, and staff of fewer than 50.

Before devolving into management, Jim contributed craigslist’s homepage design, multi-city architecture, discussion forums, search engine, community moderation system, self-posting process, personals categories (including missed connections), and best-of-craigslist.

Ridiculously tall, Jim has been the subject of feature stories in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Fortune Magazine, Business Week, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, and SF Chronicle, and has made dozens of television appearances, including being denounced on Fox News by the late Reverend Jerry Falwell.

6 Responses to “About Jim”

  1. james newton Says:

    jim is hot as hell

  2. Jarrod Says:

    Craigslist is the best. I’ve been using it for years. How about adding a link for recycling!

  3. Dean Says:

    Thank you for making craigslist. I’ve employed over 20 full time employees ONLY from posting these jobs on craigslist!!

  4. Jeff Reagan Says:

    I love the CL Free section. I nearly got convicted of trespassing for dumpster diving (I entered said property with intent to take, which I paraphrase here from California State Penal Code). Thank you Jim, Craig, and everyone else who helped me go legit. I now enter said premises by permission with intent to take. I hold my head high, proud to be recycling instead of bowing consumerism’s wanton waste. By withholding my little dollar I don’t vote for harvest and divest plutocracy. I stand against transformation of world resources to pollution for the enrichment of a few, who by logical extension incentivize our military entanglement abroad. You guys and gals give meaning to the Burningman ethic. The dream became real when you freely connected excess to need. Kudos to you for that.

    Of course the job is never done. I have a suggestion for the upcoming Android app release. Or if no app was planned, please put my request for an app into your suggestion box with the following features requested:

    Ideally with free items a person who picks one up should be able to close the posting, or append it to say it was taken. But a childish impulse to undercut others will produce false claims that items have been taken, done preemptively by scammers who may then be too lazy to collect booty. Sequestering booty for them won’t improve prompt turnover. But a GPS feature on smartphones could be used to verify the taker reached the item location. This should provide sufficient validation for allowing end users to cancel posts–in a timely fashion–emphasis is added because this is the missing feature I need.

    Ideally a Craigslist app would map all curb alerts, making them them all visible on one map. You zoom into your neighborhood to see a spatial catalog of junkpiles on curbs near you. Have a map showing pins for garage sales, perhaps with pins of other colors for rummage sales and flea markets. Pins could appear at scheduled start time and disappear at a specified end time.

    The next logical step would be to let people participate in a distributed farmer’s market. Harvest your oranges, put up your post. Map shows your orange pin until depleted. People could drive around for fruits and vegetables and never see a supermarket. It might get deadbeats off couches and out, bringing in harvests and doing gardening.

    Okay I’m done bloviating. Thank you Craigslist.
    –Jeff Reagan

  5. Kyle Says:

    Jim, you are a model Anarchist and a scholar. Keep sticking it to the man!


    Wenatchee, Washington

  6. matilde alberny Says:

    THANK YOU! you created a magnificent gift to the world… years later I still use it.

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