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Complaint Department

April 30, 2008

The public version of Ebay’s claims is now available.

We will file our formal response in the next few weeks, and until then will do our best to abide by protocol in not responding to specific assertions made in Ebay’s complaint.

As those who know us best will recognize, every measure we have taken has been for the sake of protecting the long term well-being of the craigslist community.

Sadly, we have an uncomfortably conflicted shareholder in our midst, one that is obsessed with dominating online classifieds for the purpose of maximizing its own profits.

It’s a conflict of interest worth keeping in mind if you decide to give this filing a read.

All Aboard the CATBUS

April 30, 2008

Purrrrfect for Burning Man!

Note of Thanks

April 29, 2008

We really appreciate the outpouring of encouragement we have received in the last few days from craigslist users, from Ebay users, and from the general public.

Especially touching have been the messages of support from Ebay employees, one of which I’ll share here:

As an engineer at ebay, all I could think when I saw the news was, “Surely, there’s another place to work.” Frankly, I doubt that CL is always right about everything, but for eBay to sue CL is off the charts stupid. eBay had no business grabbing that 25% in the first place. It’s a shame, because my co-workers are really nice, sweet people. But it’s as if I am working for ********* or something. I feel dirty. I’ll be updating my resume this weekend.

For anyone interested in recent press coverage, here is an MSNBC articlefrom earlier today.

Spring is here!

April 29, 2008

And this craigslist user is generously offering free poison oak starts:

Tainted Love

April 22, 2008

Ebay has filed suit against craigslist and its board of directors:

We are surprised and disappointed by Ebay’s unfounded allegations, which came to us out of the blue, without any attempt to engage in a dialogue with us.

Coming from a shareholder that views craigslist as a prime competitor, filing suit without so much as mentioning these assertions beforehand seems unethical, and hints at ulterior motives.

Ensuring the future well-being of craigslist and the craigslist community is admittedly very important to us. But Ebay has absolutely no reason to feel threatened here — unless of course they’re contemplating a hostile takeover of craigslist, or the sale of Ebay’s stake in craigslist to an unfriendly party. (In which case, they’re out of luck.

For our part, we have always treated Ebay very fairly as a minority shareholder, and plan to continue doing so, despite this unfortunate development.

Addendum in response to commenter question – To be perfectly clear, Ebay’s stake in craigslist has not been “unfairly diluted” as they have claimed.

Time to unload that gas guzzler?

April 20, 2008

“Cars and trucks” and “Recreational Vehicles” listings in our For Sale section are up 120% and 100% respectively in just the last 8 months, a trend that is accelerating into March and April.

Irregular Cat Hats

April 18, 2008

Snowman (R.I.P.) had some styling lids, irregular or not.

Vox Populi

April 17, 2008

Recently testified before the House Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs, as part of a public hearing on the sale of sensitive military equipment on the internet.

It was a great learning experience, and we look forward to working more closely with the experts to provide craigslist users with better information as to what is and is not allowed to be sold.

Intriguingly though, of the organizations represented in this hearing, including the Department of Defense (which sells military surplus online), Ebay, and craigslist, it seemed evident to the Members of Congress (and everyone else in the room), that craigslist was already doing the best job of keeping sale of the items in question at bay, despite our small staff.

Had occasion to touch on this during the opening statements:

“Contrary to what the GAO report implies, craigslist has more people actively engaged in its anti-fraud efforts than any web site on earth. In addition to our in-house anti-fraud team numbering a dozen or more staff members, and the automated blocking and screening routines we have developed, craigslist benefits from tens of millions of passionate users diligently reviewing every ad on the site, with each user having the power to delete inappropriate ads, which power they exercise to the tune of several million ads removed each month. To their credit, the GAO investigators did notice that questionable ads were actually being removed from craigslist as they searched the site, an observation they did not make about any other site in their report.”

When it comes to site moderation on a massive scale, it’s difficult for a centralized staff of any size to compete with the efforts of tens of millions of vigilant and empowered users.

Kick Ass Patent

April 16, 2008

In a creative frenzy (?) to build what is inarguably an ass kicking machine, this craigslist user may have cut a few corners and forgotten to do a full patent search.

On the other hand, he does mention having 10 years experience, and patent #6,293,874 was not filed until january 2000, so perhaps there is applicable prior art.

Come to think of it, weren’t there some stooges back in the 30s working on something similar?

Craigslist Search

April 15, 2008

Comscore has released search rankings for March, listing craigslist as the #8 search company overall in terms of search volume, with the highest year-over-year growth rate in searches:

Company Feb 08 (MM) Mar 08 (MM) YOYgrowth
Google Sites 7,390 8,267 12%
Yahoo! Sites 2,262 2,391 6%
Microsoft Sites 984 1,054 7%
AOL LLC 864 891 3%
Ask Network 452 506 12%
Ebay 480 474 -1%
Fox Interactive 337 377 12%
craigslist 239 277 16%